Felton Consulting Africa is a leading consulting firm offering business support services in the areas of Accountancy and audit, Tax services, financial strategy planning, business advisory, SME support, training and anti-fraud services. At Felton Consulting Africa, we are committed to see your business overcome all odds through expedient advice and grow to the highest level.

Our values

We provide outstanding service to all our clients based on our dedication to the three underlying principles of professionalism, commitment and quality.


We lead in giving your business quality delivered accurately and in a timely manner. Our outstanding service, qualified staff and high standards to our clients differentiates us from the pack. We have the knowledge and insights to unlock your business potential coupled with the commitment to see you through.


At Felton Consulting Africa, we are committed to your success and proud to give you rock solid business support. With a big firm capability and a small firm personality, we see beyond the numbers to ensure that it all adds up. We do the all work, you get all the credit. We won’t stop until the job is done.


Our services put you in a position of strength, and your business success is guaranteed. Through our services, your competitors can never be a match for you. It’s time to build your business and grow your wealth.