There are many characteristics associated with effective NGOs. Below are some of the qualities of effective NGOs.

  1. They should have strategic plans which are in turn translated to workable implementation plans.
  2. They are clear on their vision of what they intend to achieve. The jack-of-all-trades approach is only found in the ineffective organizations.
  3. A well designed Transformation agenda. They know clearly how their programs will transform the lives of the intended recipients.
  4. The ability and tools to demonstrate the transformation in 3 above.
  5. Sound Management structure. This is what distinguishes an effective NGO from the briefcase types. The internal management structure has adequate controls and accountability mechanisms.
  6. Accountability to all stakeholders; the poor, donors, partners, governments.
  7. Responsiveness: All effective NGOs are responsive to the local belief structure of the population in the target country/location.
  8. Sustainability based Programs. Their projects should have in built sustainability mechanisms. Failure to have this creates ‘white elephant’ sort of projects.
  9. An effective NGO should have a good plan for monitoring and evaluation.
  10. Quality financial management and reporting
  11. They should have staff who are qualified in the area of focus and expertise.
  12. Their programs should allow for public participation.

Formulated by our NGO Training Team.


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