Our approach

Given the importance of sound financial management(link to above) we believe it is important to employ immense prudence in developing a successful financial management strategy for our clients. We have developed a phased process as follows;

  1. Initiation – At this initial meeting we undertake a thorough financial review of your business, its position and structures keeping an eye on the financial objectives.
  2. Setting Goals – We analyse the business needs and goals extensively to ensure that your financial structure and procedures are in a position to meet this. We are customer centred so our approach keeps focus on your business needs. This is an interactive engagement.
  3. Development and formulation – We develop a tailor made business solution just for your business, in line with its control environment, set goals and overall organizational objectives.
  4. Solution Presentation – We present the comprehensive financial solution for your business. This is not a cast-on-stone product, as it can still be panel beaten to fit your needs after discussion with your team and obtaining feedback.
  5. Implementation – This is not an event, but a process aimed at ensuring performance of the system and successful delivery of your organizational objectives.
  6. Periodic Reviews – We diarise annual reviews in advance to ensure the financial planning system we have put in place is refined and keeps pace with any change in circumstances and business environment.

With that process, we make sure that your financial and organizational objectives are met with ease. This process is reinforced by a joint commitment from both Felton Consulting Africa and our clients in order to ensure a successful realization of their organizational goals.